To the Mailbag!

Uh-oh. It's Agent Mahoney. "I'm going to get you." What a broken record. Mahoney blames me for everything, especially the stuff I've done. To compound it, there's been a recent spike in businessmen mugged at hotels by highly organized crews. And now someone's going after the robbers. So Mahoney naturally thinks it's me, just because I happened to be at all the same places at the same time. I wish it was me (lol).
Mahoney, Maohoney, Mahoney... maybe that explains this nagging sensation I've been having lately, like something really bad's about to happen. Can't quite put my finger on it. And I'm not the superstitious type, which is why I don't like superstitious people. They're bad luck. But everyone's number eventually comes up, and I've already skated through more than my share of tough jams. So just block it out. Enough negative thoughts! I hate them. They suck. They piss me off. If they were people, I'd get a chainsaw and... You're still doing it. Have to bear down. Concentrate: appreciate God's gift of this beautiful day where the Florida sun is shining and my gas tank's full. Now I'm so happy I could burst! Off we go!

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  1. I dont really like the foreshadowing thats going on here, but I have no fear that Serge will escape any situation! With Coleman at his side how could he fail HA!